EPDM Roof Accessory Uses

Below is our guide to the different details you may come across when laying an EPDM membrane on a flat roof. There is also a table at the bottom of the page that details the various methods of achieving these details.


You can click on the installation method below to be taken to the instruction guides.

Substrate bonding  P150 (PUR Adhesive  or  Water-Based Adhesive (with Contact Adhesive Perimeter)
Site seaming/joining  Seam Tape with Tape Primer 
Perimeter Reinforcing
(adjacent to angle changes)
Reinforced Perimeter Strip secured via seam plates or flat bar to deck or wall and to EPDM
Upstand bonding Contact Adhesive
Wall detailing/termination Under cope detail (membrane bonded across the width of wall) or Chase detail with cover flashing
Internal corners Fold and dress membrane
External corners Cover with Flashing Tape
Edge detailing Kerb Edge or Gutter Drip Edge
Skylights Membrane bonded to skylight skirt and detailed with Flashing Tape
Horizontal outlets Horizontal Drain Outlet mechanically fixed and covered with Flashing Tape
Vertical outlets Internal Drain Outlet mechanically fixed and covered with Flashing Tape
Vent/Pipe penetrations  Pipe Boot or Flashing Tape