EPDM Adhesives, Primers & Sealant

Our wide range of adhesives means you’re covered for all eventualities, from attaching your membrane to the deck, upstands or to details.

Water-Based Adhesive can be used in porous (wood or concrete) decks and Contact Adhesive is used for perimeters, upstands, details and larger or non-porous roofs. Tape primer must be used with all tapes and flashings. Don’t forget it or you won’t get a good bond.

Our online shop has EPDM primer, EPDM glue, EPDM adhesive, EPDM sealant and everything you need for the perfect roofing job. Buy Firestone Elevate EPDM primer, EPDM bonding glue & EPDM adhesive, lap sealant and more.

EPDM Adhesives, Primers & Sealant

DIY Guides

If you’re new to EPDM rubber or just want to find out more about it, our guides cover everything from an introduction to EPDM roofing, to roofing build-ups and full installation instructions.