Elevate RubberCover

With 40 years of experience, Elevate (formerly Firestone) is a global leading manufacturer of rubber-based roofing systems for a wide variety of applications.

Elevate RubberCover offers a high-performance roofing solution. It’s extremely resistant to severe weather conditions, lightweight and flexible to allow for easy installation and requires very little maintenance once installed.

RubberCover EPDM membrane is a versatile roofing material that can be used for various types of buildings, including residential structures like extensions, garages or porches, as well as commercial roofing applications such as office buildings, shopping centres and industrial facilities. It's often used for flat or low sloped roofing projects because of its excellent waterproofing properties.

We offer Elevate RubberCover EPDM in two thicknesses for trade and DIY. We also stock a range of handy roofing tools and adhesives to help you complete your roofing project with ease. If required, we’re able to create bespoke shaped panels custom cut to your exact specifications. Contact us to find out more.

Elevate RubberCover

DIY Guides

If you’re new to EPDM rubber or just want to find out more about it, our guides cover everything from an introduction to EPDM roofing, to roofing build-ups and full installation instructions.