Rubbertop FR

RubberTop FR is the premium, fire-rated version of our RubberTop EPDM rubber roofing membrane.

It's a breathable membrane and has the same grade EPDM as used in industrial and commercial buildings. So, whether you're roofing a garage, extension or orangery, RubberTop FR is the best option.

RubberTop FR is a synthetic rubber membrane, classified as appropriate to meet building regulations for fire and suitable for a number of roof substrates such as timber. The material is 1.2mm thick and is suitable for a range of roofing systems used for garages, extensions, green roofs and more.

The roof membrane has resistance to UV, ozone, adverse temperatures and frost, with an impressive life expectancy of over 50 years. The EPDM rubber roof membrane can be fixed to the underlying roof surface using a suitable EPDM adhesive which is available to buy here.

Rubbertop FR

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