Elevate QuickSeam FormFlash Tape 225mm (9")

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Elevate EPDM FormFlash Tape is extremely flexible and can be formed to fit irregular shapes and surfaces, making it perfect for a range of detailing requirements.

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Elevate QuickSeam FormFlash Tape 225mm (9")

Elevate QuickSeam FormFlash Tape is a versatile and reliable product that is widely used in roofing projects. It's flexibility allows a perfect fit around irregular shapes and surfaces, making it ideal for use in detailing requirements for roofing projects. This tape is especially useful for sealing around t-joints, external corners, pipe penetrations, and drain outlets to create a waterproof shield.

The Elevate QuickSeam FormFlash Tape is made of an uncured EPDM membrane that has been laminated to an EPDM pressure-sensitive tape adhesive. This material is highly durable and long-lasting, and is resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. This sealing tape is also highly resistant to UV radiation and ozone, which are common causes of degradation and cracking in other roofing materials.

Before application of the tape, all work surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from dirt or other debris. The tape must always be used with tape primer too. Effective preparation will provide optimal adhesion of the tape to the surface it's applied to.

Elevate QuickSeam FormFlash Tape is a high-quality sealing tape that measures 225mm (9") in width. It can also be used in conjunction with other Elevate roofing products, such as EPDM membranes, to create a complete roofing system. It's suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, providing the instructions are followed.

QuickSeam FormFlash Tape has been designed to meet the highest technical specifications. When it comes to installing the tape, it is important to follow the manufacturer's installation guide carefully. This will ensure that the tape is installed correctly and will provide optimal performance. The installation process typically involves cleaning and priming the surface, applying the tape to the area, and then using a roller to ensure that the tape is firmly adhered to the surface.

During installation on cooler days, careful use of a heat gun is recommended to warm the QuickSeam FormFlash to ensure good formability. The tap mostly cures after installation.

Suitable For:

Overlay at T-joints, corners, pipes and penetrations
General repair in non-traffic areas & metal edge tie-in
General purpose flashing

Technical Specifications
Size Guide

Width: 229mm (9 inches)
Length: sold in linear metres, max 15.24m in a single piece

Installation Guides

All work surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of dirt.

1. Apply Tape Primer to the whole area the Flashing Tape will be applied to and leave to tack off

2. Install the Flashing Tape over the primed area

3. Firmly roll the Flashing Tape to create a strong bond

4. Finish with Lap Sealant to provide additional protection

See our guide to installing an external corner with flashing tape

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