RubberEasy™ Membrane

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The RubberEasyTM membrane is a non-reinforced self-adhered EPDM membrane for non-dwelling roofing applications (garden outbuildings, sheds, carports…). The durable performances of the EPDM membrane will ensure a long-lasting watertightness of the new or renovated roofs.

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RubberEasy™ Membrane

Introducing the easy DIY solution for long-lasting waterproofing of your garden shed.

Just measure, cut, peel and stick!

RubberEasy is a synthetic self-adhered EPDM membrane ideal for garden sheds, carports and other garden outbuildings.

Say goodbye to leaky, musty sheds in a flash with RubberEasy, a self-adhered rubber membrane that is super easy to install. Just peel and stick!

Please ensure that you allow for an extra 100mm of membrane at each edge and take into account any seam overlap of 50mm minimum. One EasySealant cartridge equals a use of around 6 metres.

Why choose RubberEasy Peel & Stick EPDM?

Made out of synthetic EPDM rubber, RubberEasy is completely waterproof and offers long lasting resistance to UV radiation and hail. It ensures uniform and strong adhesion to all types of shed roof material without the need of applying glue.

Quick and Easy to Install


Environmentally Friendly


Certified Quality

Suitable For:

Tool shed

Garden outbuildings 

Single carport


Technical Specifications

Brand: RubberEasy Peel & Stick 

Thickness: 0.85mm (0.75mm EPDM membrane & 0.10mm adhesive layer)

Material: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

Max Size (online): 1.5m x 10m

Other Sizes Available: No

Colour: Carbon

Weight (per m²): 0.89kg

Elasticity: 300% elongation (allowing for adjustment/movement of the surface it is laid on)

Life Span: Up to 50 years

Joining Possible On-Site: Yes

Puncture Resistance: Excellent

Size Guide

Width: 1.5m
Length: 5m or 10m rolls

Please ensure that you add 100mm minimum at each edge of your roof when ordering to allow for fixing.

These sheets can be joined on site if a larger or alternative shape is required.

Please contact us for more information.

Installation Guides

Watch the Installation video here.

All our EPDM roofing membranes are sent out with full instructions.

You can find guides on how to install or detail an EPDM roof in our Guides to Installing EPDM Roofing.

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