Elevate QuickSeam™ Walkway Pads

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Protective anti-slip rubber pads with Elevate QuickSeam™ tape factory-laminated onto the bottom. Protects the EPDM membrane in walkway areas of regular footfall traffic.

762mm x 762mm


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Elevate QuickSeam™ Walkway Pads

High-quality rubber pads with Elevate QuickSeam™ tape factory-laminated onto the bottom of the pad. Used for protecting the EPDM membrane in areas of regular roof traffic. As well as offering protection to the EPDM, the pads are reinforced and are anti-slip meaning they also ensure greater safety to you when walking on such surfaces. 

Technical Specifications
  • Size - 762 x 762mm
  • Weight - 3kg per pad
  • Storage – Between 15-25'C and out of direct sunlight until ready for application
  • Shelf Life – Use within 12 months
Installation Guides

When applying the pad, the RubberCover EPDM surface must be prepared with QuickPrime Plus, using a QuickScrubber or QuickScrubber Plus tool.

Position the pads so that the flat surface is over the completed RubberCover membrane, spacing each pad a minimum of 25 mm and a maximum of 150 mm from each other to allow for drainage. If the installation of the Pads over field fabricated seams or within 75 mm of a lap edge can not be avoided, the seam must be stripped in using QuickSeam FormFlash/Flashing. The cover strip must extend beyond the walkway pad a minimum of 150 mm each side of the pad.

When installing walkway pads on a ballasted system, additional ballast must be added around the pads to maintain the required ballast coverage per m2. Do not install walkway pads within 3m of a roof edge when used in conjunction with ballasted systems. Concrete paving stones must be used in these areas.

£31.37 £26.14