EPDM Rubber has been used in commercial roofing projects for many years. But, it’s such a versatile product, it’s also perfect for your shed roof too!

What makes EPDM rubber so good for shed roofs?


Unlike shed roofing felt which is usually supplied in sizes of maximum 1m wide, shedGUARD rubber shed roofing can be supplied up to 6m wide. This means there is no need to lap layers of the product on the roof. You simply lay the rubber to cover the whole shed roof.


Yes, you really can install a rubber roof yourself. For wooden sheds and outbuildings, simply remove any previous roof covering (including any staples or nails that are protruding), and use Water Based Adhesive to stick the EPDM down. We have a full guide to installing EPDM shed roofing (link to install guide).


EPDM roofing has a proven life span of at least 50 years. It is highly durable and won't split or crack over time so you can be sure that once you’ve waterproofed your shed it will remain that way for many years to come. 


Unlike roofing felts, a large proportion of EPDM is manufactured from the recycling of other rubber, such as tyres. In turn, EDPM rubber roofing can also be recycled into other rubber goods, such as rubber matting and children’s playgrounds.


EPDM rubber is inherently anti-microbial. This means that it does not support the growth of moss or algae that can frequently be seen on felt roofs. Your roof will remain looking great for its lifespan with minimal maintenance.


Our shedGUARD rubber is specifically designed for sheds and outbuildings. Now available cut from the roll to suit any size or in shed kits for the most popular shed sizes.

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