Elevate Water Based Bonding Adhesive

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Elevate RubberCover Water Based Bonding Adhesive WBA-3781 is a contact adhesive designed for bonding
EPDM to wood, metal, masonry and acceptable substrates for residential installations.

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Elevate Water Based Bonding Adhesive

Elevate Water Based Bonding Adhesive WBA-3781 is used to attach your EPDM membrane to permeable decks - ply or OSB. It is suitable for roofs up to 100m2 and must be installed with a 150mm perimeter strip of Contact Adhesive around the outside. Non-porous roof decks (or those of low vapour permeability, e.g. metal or PU foam), upstands and trim work require the use of P150 or Contact Adhesive.

Why choose Water Based Adhesive?

Water Based EPDM Adhesive is a solvent free adhesive with low odour making it safe for use in most environments. It is a cost-effective solution, quick and easy to apply using a roller, and allows for correction after laying of the membrane as it does not instantly dry.

Suitable For:

Use with any of our roofing membranes. 
Bonding EPDM to wooden decks: fibreboard, chipboard, plywood. 
Bonding EPDM to concrete. 

See technical information sheet for more information:


Technical Specifications

Stir thoroughly before and during use.

Keep container closed when not in use.


Size Guide

Water Based Adhesive is only required to be applied to the deck when laying EPDM. Figures below are for usage when applied to 1 side.

Options available:
2.5L, 5L, 10L


2.5m²/litre approx

2.5L = 6.25m²

5L = 12.5m²

10L = 25m²

Installation Guides

Elevate Water Based Adhesive should be applied using a roller.


1.Using a roller, apply Water Based Adhesive evenly to the deck (where required allow 150mm around the edge for Contact Adhesive)

2. Roll the membrane into the wet adhesive and apply pressure with a squeegee or broom to remove any air bubbles and ensure the adhesive has transferred to the back of the membrane

3. Make any adjustments required to the positioning of the EPDM membrane

4. Complete detailing

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