275gsm Geotextile Underlay

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Despite the name, Geotextile fleece is designed for use on top of your roof membrane, to protect the membrane when the roof is to be ballasted (covered with gravel) or finished as a green roof.

For bespoke projects we can supply custom made roof liners to any shape or size. For bespoke liners please visit our bespoke roofs page.

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275gsm Geotextile Underlay

Geotextile Fleece is 275gsm and black. It can be used on top of the roof membrane to help protect when installing a ballasted top layer or in conjunction with a green roof. Geotextile is rot free and UV resistant non-woven material with a high puncture resistance making it the perfect choice to protect your membrane.

Suitable For:

Ballasted roofs

Green roofs

Technical Specifications


Material: Non-woven geotextile

Max Size (online): 2m x 60m

Other Sizes Available: Yes, please contact us on 01225 810324 with your requirements

Colour: Black

Weight (per m²): 0.275kg

Elasticity: None

Life Span: Lifetime (rot free)

Joining Possible On-Site: Geotextile does not need joining, but seams can be taped.

Puncture Resistance: Excellent

Size Guide

Width: 2m wide
Length: max 50m in a single piece

Installation Guides

Geotextile underlay is simple to install.
1. Cut the geotextile to size 
2. Lay out the geotextile, slightly overlapping the seams
3. The seams can be taped using a strong tape or carpet tape
4. Lay the ballast/green roof over the geotextile

As low as £2.58 £2.15